Welcome to my history of the Lepley family in England. The following details have been published by me as a record of events that may be of interest to family and friends.

The Lepley family name has so far been traced back to French Huguenot's who settled in the Spitalfields area of London (now the East End of London). The early family members were silk weavers and carried out there trade at home.  

Detailed below is my family tree of descendants:

François Lepley  m  Marie Umtelat

            Jean François (b 1764 Spitalfields)  m  Marie Nadal

                        Marthe (b 1786)

                        Mary (b 1791 Threadneedle st)

                        Jean (b 1794 d 1795 Threadneedle st))

                        Jean (b 1796 Threadneedle st)

                        Francois (b 1798 Threadneedle st)

                        Peter (b 1800)

                        Eliza (b 1802 Bethnal Green)

                        William (b 1804 Bethnal Green)

                        Edward (b 1806 Bethnal Green d 1809)

                       Benjamin (b 1788 Stepney)  m  Mary Pack

                                Mary Ann (b 1811 Stepney)

                                Eliza (b 1811 Stepney)

                                John (b 1813 Mile End)

                                William (b 1815 Sudbury)

                                Mary Ann (b 1818 Stepney)

                                James (b 1824 Sudbury)

                                Ann (b 1832 Mile End)

                                George (b 1817 Stepney)  m  Elizabeth Waterlow (b 1817)

                                                Elizabeth (b 1841 Bethnal Green)

                                                George (b 1842 d 1842)

                                                Joseph (b 1848 Bethnal Green)

                                                Ebenezer (b 1856 Stepney)

                                                George (b 1843 Bethnal Green)  m  Esther Morrison (b 1843 Mile End)

                                                                    Elizabeth (b 1864 Bethnal Green)

                                                                    George (b 1865 Bethnal Green)

                                                                     Joseph (b 1872 Tower Hamlets)

                                                                    Benjamin (b 1874 Bethnal Green)

                                                                    Rosetta (b 1877 Leyton)

                                                                    Clara (b 1879 Leyton)

                                                                    Ebenezer (b 1881 Leyton)

                                                                    Lillian (b 1882)

                                                                    May (b 1883 West Ham)

                                                                    Emily (b 1884 West Ham)

                                                                    Ellen (b 1884 West Ham)

                                                                    Harriet (b 1886 West Ham)

                                                                    Catherine (b 1886 West Ham)

                                                                    Albert (b 1875 Leyton)  m  Rosa Peters (b 1881 Dalston)








                                                                                        Leonard  m  Lillian Upton




                                                                                                    Peter  m Winifred Ann Mears

                                                                                                                Jacqueline Gaynor

                                                                                                                Geoffrey Peter  m  Karen Hutchings

                                                                                                                            Sarah Louise

                                                                                                                            Kirsty Victoria


The following links contain data that I have collected related to birth's and death's of Lepley names recorded at the PRO. These files will be updated in the near future.


Lepley Births 1837 to 1999
Lepley Death's 1837 to 1897 + 1915 to 1956 + 1965 to 1998



Lepley Photo Gallery


George and Esther Lepley approx 1925


Albert Lepley approx 1925


Leonard Albert George Lepley


Leonard's Shop


Len, Lillian

Brian, Barry & Peter


Canvey Island 1940's


Lillian & Leonard

Southend-on-sea 1936


Brian Lepley Barry and Peter Lepley


Leonard's Cortina 1964


Adam & Daniel


Geoff, Karen, Sarah & Kirsty




Venice 1999

Please email me if you wish to see more details related to other braches of the Lepley family history that I have recorded.

Last Updated 23rd Oct 2001