Welcome to my history and connections with the Mears family in England and Wales. The following details have been published by me as a record of events that may be of interest to family and friends.

William Mears  m  Mary?

               Mary Ann (b 1820)

               Elizabeth (b 1822)

               John William (b 1828)

               Susan (b 1830)

               Stephen Mears (b 1826 Apethorpe)  m  Ellen Fitzjohn (b 1825 Kingscliff)

                        Mary (b 1857 Bedford)

                        John William (b 1860 Bedford)

                        Ellen (b 1863 Bedford)

                        Ada Elizabeth (b 1871 Bedford)

                        Stephen Mears (b 1866 Bedford)  m  Georgina Swanson (b 1866 Thurso)

                                     Louis Stephen (b 1890)

                                     Agnes (b 1898)

                                     Doll (b 1901)

                                     Winifred (b 1902)

                                     Reginald (b 1902)

                                     Harry (b 1903)

                                     William George (b 1897 Kettering)  m  Elizabeth Jones (b 1903 Camarthen)








                                                    Winifred Ann  m  Peter Lepley

                                                                    Jacqueline Gaynor

                                                                    Geoffrey Peter  m  Karen Hutchings

                                                                            Sarah Louise

                                                                            Kirsty Victoria


Mears Photo Gallery

   Mears Shop - Kettering

approx 1900


    William George Mears (Right)

Welsh School Boys International


William George Mears                  (3rd from Right)

Aberavon Rugby Club 1920


Stephen Mears approx 1884

Queens Own Cameron Highlanders (79th Foot)


William George Mears and Glyn Mears



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